In case of emergency 24/7
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24/7 Marine Chemist

If an emergency situation arises involving hazardous substances at sea, unerring and effective action is of the essence. VANDERPERS MARITIME BV 24/7 has a well-developed sense of responsibility, ample experience in the field, full commitment and dedication to the job and can be called in at any time to deal with incidents on the open sea.

“Choose a job you like, and you never have to work a day in your life”

Inspired among other things by this Chinese philosopher’s wisdom, VANDERPERS MARITIME BV has reached this point in our development. We are proud to introduce our enthusiastic and skilled emergency and hazmat response team.

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Van der Pers Maritime is 24/7 available: +31 (0) 78 674 72 91

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A Marine Chemist to deal with hazardous substances and gasses

At VANDERPERS MARITIME BV, we focus our operations on international working conditions in which people might come into contact with hazardous substances and gasses. While we work with hazardous substances and tankers, as a Marine Chemist, we are also specialised in providing professional assistance to protect the crew’s, or salvage crew’s, health and safety during salvage operations following ship-related disasters.

Flexible maritime experts for your project

Our maritime experts can integrate smoothly into your projects and give your company unbiased advice on health and safety. VANDERPERS MARITIME BV’s Marine Chemists are highly-educated Tanker-Ship Hazardous Gas Safety Specialists, hazardous substance specialists and Licensed Practical Safety Technicians. Their up-to-date training and years of experience keep the quality of our services up to the standard we demand.

More than 25 years of experience!

As a Marine Chemist, our core business is monitoring hazard substances and gas measurement. To that end, we have an extensive range of gauges for measuring toxicity, wireless gas detection systems, blast gauges (for gas), samplers and equipment related to these operations. As we have a total of over 25 years’ experience in this industry, we have the knowledge and skill to interpret the legalisation and regulations connected to the Working Conditions Regulations ‘repairs to, on or in, tankers’ correctly, ensuring that ship repair facilities comply with the requirements prescribed by law for repairs and ship rebuilding. It goes without saying that all our measuring equipment and support tools are subject to stringent inspections and precise calibration.


VANDERPERS MARITIME BV’s Marine Chemists can assist in a range of situations involving hazardous substances and gasses. Our experienced emergency response team with skilled gas doctors specialised in hazmat can be called 24/7 to deal with emergency situations. VANDERPERS MARITIME BV supplies:

  • Declarations of Security and health and safety certification for tankers;
  • Gas-free certificates and hot-work permits for all types of ships;
  • Hazardous substance and gas measurement (fence monitoring for the petrochemical industry)
  • Sampling and analysis of toxic or combustible atmospheres on site;
  • Advice on chemicals;
  • Bespoke training sessions.


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