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Our gas doctors are licensed Tanker-Ship Hazardous Gas Specialists

The Working Conditions Regulations state that tanks on tanker ships carrying cargoes of hazardous substances or toxic gasses (or have carried them previously) must undergo mandatory inspections by gas doctors before repairs can be carried out on the ship. VANDERPERS MARITIME BV has the required statutory licence, so VANDERPERS MARITIME BV’s independent Tanker-Ship Hazardous Gas Specialists, otherwise known as gas doctors, can conduct such inspections.

Van der Pers Maritime is 24/7 available: +31 (0) 78 674 72 91

Gas doctors with 25 years of experience in gas detection

As registered (SKO-HOBEON licensed) Tanker-Ship Hazardous Gas Specialists, our gas doctors have more than twenty-five years of experience with gas measurement and gas detection for the chemical industry, ship repair (inland navigation and marine shipping) as well as with international salvage operations involving cargoes of hazardous substances and toxic gasses and with hazmat handling.

Safety and Working Conditions (at sea)

In addition, we supply services related to safety and Working Conditions (at sea) in circumstances in which toxic gasses and hazardous substances are involved. All our gas measurements, inspections and the issue of official health and safety declarations are conducted in accordance with the Working Conditions Decree, Article 3.5g, and the Working Conditions Regulations, Chapter 4. Our registrations and personal certification are always up to date.


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