In case of emergency 24/7
available: +31 (0) 78 674 72 91

Our emergency response team is specialised in hazmat

Containing and managing disasters involving chemicals are operations that demand a specific professional approach and knowledge. In particular, emergency response to accidents in the maritime industry (e.g. leaking hazardous substances, collisions and fire or explosions on board ships in the open sea) require rapid, well-thought-out decisions and teamwork from a capable emergency response team specialised in hazmat.

Van der Pers Maritime is 24/7 available: +31 (0) 78 674 72 91

An emergency and hazmat response team for incidents and salvage operations at sea

VANDERPERS MARITIME BV frequently assists major salvage companies with disaster containment operations on the open sea. Specifically, the knowledge and experience of our emergency response team specialised in hazmat mean that an intervention team’s health and safety are placed under responsible protection. VANDERPERS MARITIME BV combines thorough training, experience and team spirit to offer practical solutions for safe containment of this kind of disaster. We supply hands-on, independent assistance, contributing to the successful containment and management of ship-related incidents involving hazardous substances, such as hazmat. ‘We talk the talk; we walk the walk’

Successful disaster containment in combustible atmospheres at sea

Our emergency response team, which specialises in hazmat, has frequently had a large part in successful salvage operations and disaster containment following serious incidents at sea. Their task during disaster containment is to guarantee everyone’s health and safety. Their ready knowledge of hazardous substances, such as hazmat, toxic and combustible atmospheres, are indispensable for those call-outs.

International deployment of a skilled team

The rapid (international) deployment of a hazardous substance specialist or an entire hazmat response team, with all the necessary measuring tools and safety equipment that must be used on such occasions, also demands an ingenious logistic strategy. The deployment of a hazardous-substance specialist or a hazmat response team, all trained to deal with these specific incidents, starts immediately after the first call-out. Within a few hours, they will be on their way to integrate with the emergency response team.


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