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Client name: ARDENT GLOBAL

Date: 9 mei 2016

Location: Ningbo, China

Collision followed by fire

Maersk Line containership Safmarine Meru and another containership Northern Jasper, owned by German company Norddeutsche Reederei, collided off Ningbo on Saturday. The collision caused a fire on Safmarine Meru, which was en route from Qingdao to Ningbo, leading to all 22 crewmembers onboard abandoning the ship. The local maritime safety department deployed a fleet of ten vessels for firefighting and rescue operations, managing to put out the fire and evacuate the crew from both ships. The department also made emergency plans for the 11 containers carrying hazardous cargo on the Maersk ship. VANDERPERS MARITIME BV have been requested to assist client concerning dangerous cargo control.

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