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Wolter Jan van der Pers

Managing Director

Founder Wolter van der Pers started his career in 1979 as a trainee chemical analyst at Rotterdam’s Dr A. Vervey Handels Laboratory, which was renowned at the time. He spent 11 years learning the tricks of the trade: ‘analytical alchemy’. In 1990, he had the chance to follow the internal programme Registered Tanker-Ship Hazardous Gas Specialist, from which he graduated in 1992 (Wolter has been a licensed gas doctor from 1992 to the current day). Until 2001, Wolter gained ample experience working to help implement the Tanker Ship Safety Decree (now called the Working Conditions Regulations, Chapter 4). In 2001, he set up his own company, INTERNATIONAL MARSAC, becoming the first gas doctor who was not employed by a laboratory as prescribed by law until 1997. As well as focusing on ‘gas doctor services’, INTERNATIONAL MARSAC’s operations included emergency response to ship-related disasters and accidents involving hazardous substances. Since then, Wolter, commissioned by major international salvage companies, has assisted with countless salvage operations all over the world, applying his skills as a hazardous substance specialist and gas doctor.

In 2006, Wolter co-founded, and was co-owner, of Nofa & Marsac International BV; as the Managing Director, he also trained several employees as licensed Tanker-Ship Hazardous Gas Specialists until 2015, when he decided to resign from the company and continue his services under the name of VANDERPERS MARITIME BV.

24/7 mobile: +31 (0) 78 674 72 91

Van der Pers Maritime is 24/7 available: +31 (0) 78 674 72 91


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