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Bart Janszen

Field chemist

Bart Janszen has been employed by VANDERPERS MARITIME BV since September 2018. Bart has over 7 years’ experience as a Field Chemist, working in the field of gas measurement, confined spaces entry, hazardous substance handling and identification.

Bart Janszen is also specialised in taking asbestos samples and asbestos inventory/identification on board ships and platforms at international sites. Bart has IHM (Identification Hazardous Materials) qualifications, is a Licensed Practical Safety technician and has graduated from the Proficiency Modules P401, P403 & P404 BOHS (Faculty of Occupational Hygiene) in the United Kingdom. Bart also holds a range of certificates related to Analytical Chemistry and Gas-Chromoatographic analysis techniques from AVANS University of Applied Sciences in Breda.

Bart is following the programme Tanker-Ship Hazardous Gas Specialist (Expert Marine Chemist – HOBEON-SKO) and, in that capacity, has acquired plenty of experience during the salvage operations on the container ship MAERSK HONAM in Dubai and acting as a Consulting Chemist in Sharjah (UAE).

24/7 mobile: +31 (0) 78 674 72 91

Van der Pers Maritime is 24/7 available: +31 (0) 78 674 72 91


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