On September 1, the 300 meter long, 112,588 dwt container ship CCNI Arauco caught fire while berthed in Hamburg, Germany.
The fire started while welding work on a container in the aft cargo hold.
The welding caused a deflagration where the container caught fire.
The flames then spread through the lower decks.
A large plume of smoke reaching over 50 meters high could be seen from the aft hold of the CCNI Arauco.
Some 300 fire fighters along with several fire boats arrived on scene.

VANDERPERS MARITIME  have been invited by the salvage company to merge their team of experts in assessing the affected hold and to advise upon sampling and analysis of the fire fighting water. Wireless gas detectors haven been setup to monitor the atmosphere in the hold during discharging of the cargo.

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  • Date: September 1st

  • Location: Hamburg, Germany