On August 17, the passenger ferry Caribbean Fantasy caught fire near San Juan, Puerto Rico.
The Caribbean Fantasy was en route to San Juan from the Dominican Republic with 511 passengers and crew
when a fire broke out in the vessel’s engine room and spread into other sections of the vessel.

The disabled Caribbean Fantasy went adrift and eventually ran aground off Punta Salinas.
Firefighting and salvage teams boarded the vessel the following day while authorities placed booms around
the hull to contain any pollution. Divers inspected the hull and found the grounding caused no damage to the hull.
On August 20, tugs were able to reestablish towlines and refloated the Caribbean Fantasy and towed the ferry
into San Juan. Fire fighters were able to enter the engine room and extinguish the remaining part of the fire.

VANDERPERS MARITIME assisted the salvage company in assessements and monitored on toxic gasses and vapours
and issued gasfree certificates to safely board the vessel.

Track record

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  • Date: August 17th 2016

  • Location: San Juan Puerto Rico