• Independent power supply: 220 V/5 KVA
  • Independent Interior cooling & heating
  • Full sampling equipment (solid, gas, liquid)
  • Gas test equipment (remote- fence and fixed monitors)
  • Independent breathing apparatus
  • VHF radio communication
  • Internet facilities
  • Various PPE’s

We now have extended our global (emergency response) services towards the environmental field of on site sampling & analysis.

The purpose of this service is to speed up the disposal of laboratory results, to shorten your waiting time on time consuming results of conventional (shore) laboratories and to offer you immediate and relevant data, therefore provide you with more space in the time slot in which decisions must be taken for follow up actions without losing any valuable time.

We are able to deploy our chemist and Mobile Laboratory Kits globally (*), hence any (remote) location you wish on the basis of 24/7 availability.

Besides the whole spectrum of gas measurements (like toxic- & flammable gasses or issuing mandatory Health & Safety declarations), we are now able to conduct swift sampling and chemical-analysis of soil, air and (waste) water on various parameters a broad spectrum of analysis in waste-, fifi- or scavenge water like metals, Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), flashpoint, acidity, nitrates/nitrites, sulphites, chlorines, micro bacterial analysis and many more.

(*) Subjected to IATA regulations