At your service 24/7

Gasfree certificates/ hotwork permits for any type of vessel, Health & Safety Declarations for tanker vessels, chemical advises, emergency response, toxic & explosive gasses engineering  (wireless fence monitoring). Worldwide deployment of an Expert Marine Chemist or HazMat Team. Experienced Salvage Marine Chemists available.

We are pleased to answer all your questions (24/7) regarding our services; specific chemicals, toxic substances in general or explosive tank atmospheres. Assistance with contingency planning dangerous cargo(es) after (shipping)incident(s), training.

As governmental accredited marine chemists (gas-doctors with more than 25 years of experience), we are able to explain to you in clear language  the “ins & outs” of applicable Dutch legislation (labour circumstances regulation chapter 4).

You are also invited to use this form for the online request for a health & safety declaration in preparation for intended repairs on tanker vessels. If so then please state the name and  ETA (date and time) of the vessel, her expected berth of repairs (name of the shipyard or repair company) and last cargo(e)s. We will follow your ship up to arrival, start our survey immediately and keep you posted about the results. (please include your contact number). We strive to keep any downtime as short as possible.

At your request, all of our services can be conducted worldwide.

Our contact numbers 24/7:     +31 (0) 653672392/+31 (0) 623341197

Office 24/7:                                 +31 (0) 786747291