By order of the Dutch  Law ( Labor circumstances Act 1997),   repairs in/  on or onto tanker vessels   carrying-,  or empty but previous laden   with  dangerous cargo   and  being  found  within  Dutch territorial waters, is prohibited without a Health-& Safety Declaration.

Owners & representatives /agents /captains or repair companies are obliged to apply   first for this “gas free-certificate” with a Marine-Chemist prior commencing planned works or repairs.

Special attention is given to enclosed or confined spaces as well as to “hot work” permits   or specific potential   toxic environments (within the cargo zone) and   additional advises   is offered   to maintain the safety. VANDERPERS MARITIME BV is able to   provide    the necessary certificates  (under the Dutch terms) to make sure that the repairs to the vessel can be carried out safely.

Our Marine Chemists conduct those surveys within the legal rules as stipulated in the Dutch labor circumstances Regulation Chapter 4

Furthermore we provide global services on general marine chemist- and safety-duties during hazardous materials and dangerous cargo handling as a result of shipping incidents or dangerous-cargo mishaps (SALVAGE). Our main tasks then is to advice upon- and to safeguard the life and good health of  both crew and laborers who are subjected to dangerous-cargo handling as well as to maintain vessel’s safety!


Bow Diamant

Hazmat cleaning up T &

Golden Ray

Roro ship underdeck fire

Front Altair

Chemical tanker collision

Yantian Express

Cargo fire