Emergency responders

Whenever you’re in need of the services of an experienced chemicals-expert or dangerous goods specialist to merge with the response team at the location; VANDERPERS MARITIME is able to deploy expert marine chemists and/or a fully equipped Hazmat Team experienced in conducting inspections and assessment’s under harsh and dangerous conditions. They are able to setup a contingency plan to adequately resolve any Hazmat issues whether at open sea or onshore.

A standard Hazmat team consists of a experienced Teamleader and three hazmat members but extendable to the needs of our client. Repacking or recovering of dangerous cargoes will be executed under the most safe conditions and when applicable with the use of fully encapsulated gassuits. All members are fully certified for their tasks and are in the possession of all mandatory requirements for off-shore operations

Determination and monitoring of released toxic- or explosive vapours , environmental analysis of fire fighting (waste) water, on-site sampling and analysis, set-up the disposal- and manage dangerous cargo remnants.

Our Expert Marine Chemists provide chemical-advises, physical assistance when needed and a constructive contribution to the making of a contingency- or salvage plan.



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Bow Diamant

Hazmat cleaning up T &

Golden Ray

Roro ship underdeck fire

Front Altair

Chemical tanker collision

Yantian Express

Cargo fire